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tired of feeling anxious

Tired of being Worried - Gold Coast Healing Rooms, Qld, Australia

 How to Overcome Anxiety without Medication

I was very nervous about attending the Gold Coast Healing Rooms, but was soon made to feel at ease by the beautiful, loving people there.

I explained to them that I didn’t know why I was anxious, as I had no obvious reason to feel anxious at this point in my life. However, due to the anxiety, I felt compelled to avoid attending social events.

After recalling the events of my childhood, I began to see how the trauma of a life-threatening event had left me fearful.  Also, neither my husband nor I handled the death of our two children well.  He left me, grieving, for another woman. The trauma and rejection hurt as much as real physical pain.

Since then, the fear of rejection, has ruled my life and affected my relationships to this day. I worried about not meeting people’s approval and I was so anxious when I was with people.

Wilma, the Director of Gold Coast Healing Rooms, explained what she does when she is afraid. She said, “I read a promise in the Bible that says, “For I, the Lord God, will hold your right hand, saying to you, ‘Fear not, I will help you.’” (Isaiah 41:13) So now, every time I feel afraid, I say to myself: “I’m taking hold of the hand of Creator God and I don’t have to be afraid, for he will help me.”

It was explained to me that one of the causes of anxiety can be from past traumatic events. After prayer, I felt like a different person. The trauma, pain and rejection of the past had left and I felt loved by God and at peace. (Name withheld)

Fear and anxiety can prevent us reaching our full potential.  Do you suffer from fear or anxiety? You can be free!

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