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tired of continual pain

Tired of continual pain - Gold Coast Healing Rooms, Qld, Australia

 How to Overcome Porn Addiction

When I was growing up, I would hide under my parent’s bed to escape from their fighting. Under my Dad’s side I found pornographic magazines. When I looked at the magazines I found that I could escape the harshness of reality.

As I grew older, I bought my own magazines, downloaded screen savers onto my computer and spent hours viewing pornographic sites.

I would tell my friends, “I’m not hurting anyone. I’m just appreciating the natural beauty of the female body.”  But I became addicted to lustful thoughts and it began to affect my relationships.

“Who am I?”  A simple question: but one that led me, for eight intense years, through a complex maze of divorce and then separated from my second partner.

I decided I needed help as it was evident that my pornography addiction had played a major role in the loss of those I loved – leaving me in constant emotional pain!

Bill and Wilma Watson, Directors of the Gold Coast Healing Rooms, did not judge; rather, l felt loved and accepted as I shared my story. They prayed to God for me, broke the generational pattern and I was set free. (Name withheld)

Can you relate to this man’s porn addiction? You can be free too!

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