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tired of feeling trapped

Tired of feeling trapped - Gold Coast Healing Rooms, Qld, AustraliaTired of feeling Trapped

 How to Overcome Alcohol and Drug Addition

I was thirteen years of age when my parents were divorced and I witnessed my only sister die in a car accident.  The combination of these two events led me into years of escapism through sex, alcohol and drugs.

When I was twenty-two years of age, having had a child, I thought my years of unhappiness had ended when I married.   The marriage lasted only weeks!  I then discovered that I was pregnant to the man I had totally trusted in marriage, but who had betrayed me.

Struggling with the emotions of the past, combined with the responsibility of raising two children alone, proved too much for me and in my desperation I sought to find peace of mind through alcohol, drugs and therapy again.

It wasn’t until I met Bill and Wilma Watson, Directors of Gold Coast Healing Rooms, that I found real peace. They prayed for me and helped me deal with the pain of the past. God set me free from my addictions and I now have hope for the future. (Name withheld)

Can you relate to this lady’s feeling of being trapped in an addiction? You can be free too – for free!

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