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tired of the pain

Tired of the Pain - Gold Coast Healing Rooms, Qld, Australia

 Back Ache Remedies

I was wakeboarding and determined to stand up at my first attempt. As the boat began to pull me through the water, suddenly something in my lower back went; I felt it go and knew it wasn’t good.

Following that day and over the next two and half years I’ve had pain in my lower back on the left hand side, above my left hip. Subsequently I’ve seen doctors, physios and osteopaths. All have made my lower back feel better for a time. However, every time I played sport or worked out in the gym my muscles would spasm and I would be in continual pain again.

I have been attending the Gold Coast Healing Rooms and learning about the effects of trauma and how God can heal us. As I was prayed for I felt as though something was happening in my lower back, it was getting warm.

Weeks later I haven’t felt one niggle or one sign of any pain in my lower back at all. I have been so surprised; I was even sceptical, thinking the next day it might come back when I worked out. But I am totally healed- all the pain is gone and I am thanking Jesus everyday!

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