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tired of the abuse

Tired of being Worried - Gold Coast Healing Rooms, Qld, Australia

How to Overcome Emotional and Physical Abuse

When I came to Bill and Wilma Watson, Directors of Gold Coast Healing Rooms, I was contemplating suicide.  The pain and fatigue of M. E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis – a post viral illness) were taking their toll.  This was the price I was paying for a lifetime of physical and emotional abuse.

I was an unwanted child, born out of wedlock.  When I was three years old, I gained a step-father who had been a prisoner of war.  His pent up anger was vented on me, resulting in years of physical and emotional abuse.  The abuse was such that I had to wear long-sleeved clothing to school to cover the bruises.   My mother lived with the fear that if she showed any affection towards me, she too may also become a victim of abuse.  In my search for love, I was drawn to friends of the family who sexually abused me.

I continued to repeat this familiar pattern of being abused. I left my first husband after eight years of being beaten every time he consumed alcohol.  Then, while he had custody of the children, my husband had a car accident on his way to court to face a drink-driving charge.  My eldest daughter was killed in the accident and my bitterness towards him turned to hate!

I married again, but my second husband also only knew a life full of rejection and abuse.  The grief and pain of the past was causing us to destroy each other, our marriage and our children.

It was explained to me how unforgiveness for past events were affecting my health and present relationship.   I released those who hurt me, and I was released and the patterns that had ruled my life were broken.  My husband saw my improved health and the transformation in my life and chose to forgive also.

The result was a restored marriage.  We are now learning to forgive whatever grievances we have against one another and walk in harmony.  With the newly-found love and peace in our home, the children no longer seek to gain attention through fighting, arguing and temper tantrums; their school work also improved, along with their social interaction with others.   (Name withheld)


Can you relate to this couple’s pain? You can be free too!

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