About Healing Rooms

John G Lake was mightily used by God as a missionary in Africa. On his return to Spokane USA, Lake decided to call together a group of Christians to train them in healing and how to share the good news of the love of Jesus. In 1915, a ‘Healing Room’ was opened and over a 5 year period more than 100,000 documented healings took place and the US government declared Spokane to be the healthiest city in the world.

In 1999 the Spokane Healing Rooms were re-opened in the exact same location by Cal Pierce who is now the International Director of Healing Rooms. The healing ministry shifted from somebody to ‘the Body’ with well over 2,000 Healing Rooms in nearly 57 different countries.

In 2003 Healings Rooms commenced in Sydney and now there are over 50 Healing Rooms in Australia (Gold Coast Healing Rooms being one of them) with many documented healings.

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Bill and Wilma Watson are the directors of Gold Coast Healing Rooms. During their 15 years as missionaries in Ethiopia, with SIM International, thousands of lives were changed through God’s love and power.

dm-0090 Bill and Wilma believe God answers prayer! Bill has taught over 10,000 on prayer, across most denominations, both nationally and internationally.  

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?  You can make an appointment at the Gold Coast Healing Rooms today and allow God to meet your need, whether it is spiritual, emotional or physical healing you desire. To find out more, click here