How to Help With Depression Without Meds

 I was suffering from severe depression following years of sexual and physical abuse. Having had suicidal thoughts I was desperate to find relief from the pain, fear and mental torment that plagued me.

Tired of being Depressed    I was not a religious person but cried out to God for help. I didn’t know where else to turn in order to relieve my depression without medication.

I forgave the person who traumatised me and asked God to take the judgment, bitterness, shame and hopelessness out of my life and to take away all the pain of the past.

I shed a bucket load of tears as I poured out my heart to God sharing my grief and pain.  When I couldn’t shed another tear, I felt God’s love and an amazing peace come over me. It was as if a load that I had been carrying for years had lifted off me. 

I later discovered that the incest pattern was generational – my close relative had been molested by my grandfather. With this knowledge the team at Gold Coast Healing Rooms prayed for me and broke all generational patterns over my life.

Now when negative thoughts come I refuse them by saying, ”Wrong address”. God has healed my wounded heart and given me a purpose to live.  (Name withheld)


Can you relate to this lady’s depression? You can be free too!

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